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Passions In Paris: Revelations Of A Lost Diary

Length: 1,040 pages18 hours


This 4-star novel centers on two star-crossed soul mates, heroine Joy Wychmere, and hero Cullen Malone, and is told through an old diary, that of which is discovered following Joy's death by her grandchildren who have gathered at her home to help plan her memorial. The book actually begins and ends in the year 2040, but the main story that the diary reveals takes place in Paris at the dawn of the 21st. Century.

Joy Wychmere, finding herself in a stagnating marriage, wins a contest, the prize of which is an all expense paid trip to Paris to spend an intimate evening with Irish actor Cullen Malone, whom Joy has always had an unexplained attraction to, and who himself is also in an unstable relationship with the mother of his illegitimate daughter. Joy and her husband Dean, who secretly has his own agenda for going to Paris, arrive in the City of Light, and as Joy nervously leaves to meet Cullen, Dean secretly goes off to pursue his own interests, the result of which is not to his liking.

As Cullen and Joy meet, they experience an overwhelming case of déjà vu, but before they can react to what they are experiencing they are swiftly thrown into a circumstance beyond their control. One unforeseen circumstance follows another, and along the way the couple is thrown into a life and death struggle with Philippe Robealard, the crazed, homosexual artist who has delusions about the actor's close relationship with André Des Jardin, the actor's assistant, who unfortunately is the object of Philippe’s affection. Philippe decides once and for all to put an end to what he believes is going on, and decides to take matters into his own hands, the result of which leave Joy and Cullen fighting for survival.

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