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Where the Battles Weren't

Length: 126 pages2 hours


Where The Battles Weren’t is a book about ten towns in the western United States who share a name with an important Civil War battle. From Gettysburg, South Dakota to Winchester, Oregon and Petersburg, Alaska to Vicksburg, Arizona, Where The Battles Weren’t takes readers on an exciting ride across the American West.
Where The Battles Weren’t covers these areas during a 17 day road trip in January and February of 2013. These western towns are important because although they share a name with a battle site, they symbolize our country’s resolve to move ahead following the Civil War. Covering everything from a capital city high in the Rocky Mountains to a San Francisco Bay Area industrial city, Where the Battles Weren’t gives readers a broad look at life out West. This book also describes the challenges, rewards, disappointments, and triumphs of travelling to these locations during the winter. Overall, Where The Battles Weren’t is a spirited study of American history and an invigorating narrative on our great modern nation.

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