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Sun Sign Relationships ... An AstroCoach's Guide To How Each Sun Sign Dates, Relates And Communicates

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We all want to love and be loved but not by just anybody. Flattering though it may seem at first there’s no point being chased by someone who is not right for us or that ex who just won’t take the hint. Let’s face it they’re just getting in the way of us finding the right person, aren’t they?

As the saying goes ‘you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince’ but do you? What if there was a way to dramatically cut the number of frogs you had to kiss? Would you try it? Of course you would!

What if there was a way you could know:

How likely he is to be faithful
How to flirt with him
If he’s flirting with you
How to seduce him
How romantic he is likely to be
What he is like as a husband
What dating him is like
Whether he wants to jump straight into a relationship or prefers a friends first approach
How he handles breaking-up
Whether he is likely to hang around with his exes and whether you should care
Whether you’ll have to share him with his mates
Whether he’s likely to play the blame game
How he handles conflict
Whether your communication styles are similar
Whether you’re likely to hit each other’s hot buttons right from the start
What his relationship needs are likely to be
How likely he will be to fulfil your relationship needs

What if there was a way you could tell whether a relationship with him is likely to be so comfortable it’s effortless or whether it will be challenging but lead to plenty of personal growth? What if you could know what his ex is going to be like? Is she able to let go? Is he?

Well there is a way it’s called astrology and this book is a great place to start. In addition to answering the above questions you’ll learn why you can’t identify any Sun sign on looks alone. You’ll also learn why a relationship with a man who has the Sun sign next to yours is so hard to get over. You’ll find out why astrological opposites attract and why a man fives signs apart from you can feel like an alien, a soul mate or both all in one day!

You’ll discover which Sun sign male you should never pay for on a date unless you wish to pay for every other date, which Sun sign will treat your money as if it’s his, which Sun sign likes open relationships and which Sun sign is the most romantic.

You’ll find out which sun signs are the most controlling and how to deal with it. You’ll find out about other Sun sign’s quirks and traits and how to deal with them.
You’ll get a crash course in Moon signs, Mercury signs, Venus signs, Mars signs and Rising signs all of which can be wild cards or curve balls when it comes to relationships.

And as relationships are not always light and love there’s even a section devoted to exes.

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