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For five million years the Galaxy has hidden a great secret; one that will ultimately change the course of the Known Worlds. The only clue to this secret is the monuments; one on each of the Worlds where life evolved naturally. Many explorers have spent their entire lives trying to unlock the mystery of these monuments, completely alien artefacts decorated with scripture that no one can identify.
Until that is, an Alliance cruiser visits a backwater planet called Solicia. Their mission is to destroy the hyperspace drive a group of scientists have been creating in secret. What they find however, is a civilisation that lives in fear of the message inscribed on their monument and an ancient legend that has held the Planet back for centuries.
Soon, with the help of a few locals the crew of the Babarosa are hot on the trail of discovering the meaning of these Galactic marker posts. Unbeknownst to them however they are not alone and soon they seem to be gaining more questions than answers.

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