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More People Write Poetry Than Read It

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This is the first poetry anthology from the talented Alexander Kavalier. After having many poems published in magazines and poetry competition anthologies, he has finally taken centre stage and produced this book of entirely his own work. Kavalier’s works have been inspired by many well-known poets, including the late Philip Larkin, a great poet renowned for his persona poetry - where he becomes a character telling their story. Something Kavalier himself has attempted throughout his anthology. Other poems in this collection have delved into the darker places of the human psyche and Kavalier has touched upon themes which effect countless people’s lives across the globe. The collection however is not all doom and gloom, responding to other brilliant poets such as Simon Armitage, Kavalier has incorporated humour and sarcasm as well. This collection includes a variety of themes to appeal to a wide range of poetry readers, including topics such as Love – the good, the bad and the loss. Modern life – including Facebook, dancing and nature. Supernatural – exploring the idea of religion, ghosts and visitors. Angst Poetry – political issues, modern youth and general grievances shared by those in society. And finally Haiku’s. There is a little something for everyone. This anthology is for over 18’s only. Dive into this anthology and let Kavalier take you on a journey into his life and those of his characters...

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