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The Pastor's Calico
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When Pastor Dave looks back on the time he saved a tiny calico kitten from certain death, he now surmises she was running away from home, bent on a life of feline crime. As she grew, Cameow bonded with her rescuer, but became antagonistic to his wife, and even plotted to kill her twice! This calico's inventive, devious behaviors are annoying and amusing, requiring forgiveness on a daily basis.

Published: Sylvia Heidemann on
ISBN: 9781311634603
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The Pastor's Calico - Sylvia Heidemann

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Chapter 1

The Rescuer

My husband is a pastor, and the most compassionate and loving of men. Proof of this is his rescue of Cameow, a cat that started off innocent enough, but somewhere along the line turned into a scheming, bad-tempered little feline. She is a muddied-up-looking calico—some might call her coloring tortoise shell. Cameow is decidedly mean-spirited, especially towards me, and has tried to kill me twice. I find it ironic that my husband, a gentle shepherd of a man, loves and caters to a cat that exhibits decidedly devilish behavior. His compassion for her dates from the moment he removed her from harm's way.

Initially, I was taken in by her kitten-y charms, too. Yet, from the very beginning I had this sense of foreboding that our lives were going to be dramatically impacted by David's act of kindness.

Most of us are familiar with the old axiom, Don't judge a book by its cover. Cameow's cover seems to belie her inward bad-cat nature. She's basically black, but looks like God's painter mistook her for a cleaning rag and wiped brushes of white, cream and orange all over her in a random brushstroke pattern—like an impressionist painting. Her right front paw is dipped in orange; the others are black.

I can't pinpoint exactly when our love relationship turned to love/hate, but Lord knows that in seven years I've forgiven Cameow for her misdemeanors at least 77 times. Add to that two cases of felonious assault, and sometimes I find myself regretting that I helped save her by giving her eyedropper feedings when she was too young to drink on her own.

Does she show any appreciation to me? No. Certainly not. She is an insolent ingrate, insufferable, nosy and downright devious. She does not even have to be wronged to have retribution in her little black heart. The only time Cameow is not on the offensive is when she is asleep. Only then is her inner attack-cat at rest.

My husband forgives Cameow daily for her offenses, making the analogy that she deserves grace and forgiveness in the way God forgives us and offers us grace through Jesus. True. Cameow dotes on David; in fact, she adores him. Only rarely will she bite him, if he pets her just a little too long for her liking or if he picks her