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Bendio Joules: If Not For You

Length: 16 pages14 minutes


Bendigo Joules, raised on a small farm in east Texas in the 40's and 50's, scratched out a life filled with the joys, surprises, trials and love that only an adventurous and giving spirit could produce. His life ended tragically in his sister's company at the age of eighteen, and Abbie Joules is determined that his memory not vanish forever. Fortunately 'words work' is her specialty, and she has sculpted an image of a bygone era in which her brother stars in riveting tales filled with humor, adventure, and the full warmth and foibles that humanity has to offer. You will not soon forget the life of Bendigo or his loving sister, Abbie, nor the many characters she paints with both sensitivity and vivid colors: Price and Pleasure Walker, Booptriska Kazmierski, Ziggy Pugh, Cat-Fish and Fish-Cat, and many others. It is a book for readers of any age who want their day to feel warm, bright and friendly.

"I figured I was a goner," Corrinth said. "That car was going over the edge of the dump, right down into that filth and--BLEWY! I was going to cook, right along with the rats. Can you imagine? On my first date with Ben?" (from The Rat Stomp)

Dirk Palowski snatched up Ziggy and chucked him under his arm like a wiener pig, then ran around the track like a tramp hauling a stolen ham, with all the boys in hot pursuit. For the first time in his life, Ziggy was in demand. (from Five Seconds For A Winner)

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