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Reading with Old Style Conjure Cards

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Momma Starr, noted Conjure Woman, has provided Root-Workers and Conjure-Folk with an invaluable tool for working with the Ancestral Spirits, doctoring the root (the spirit), and doing insightful and useful readings for oneself and conjure clients.

Old-Style Conjure Cards are powerful tools for competent spiritual-readings and they clearly reflect a lifetime of work and a wellspring of knowledge."

Orion Foxwood author of "Introduction to Southern Conjure" DVD and "The Candle and the Crossroads"

Reading with Old Style Conjure Cards includes:
An Introduction to Conjure Card Reading - discussing ethics and counseling
History of Reading the Playing Cards
Getting Started - detailed instruction on dressing and blessing the cards
How to Work the Cards
The Card Lay Outs - includes illustrations and detailed instructions
Specific combinations of cards - relating to different aspects of everyday life
Explanation of Timing in a Reading
Illustrations of each card in the deck - with individual meanings and specific bible verse(s)

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