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Rosa's Adult Piano Lessons Reharmonization Level 1: Beginners Away In A Manger with 17 Instructional Videos

Length: 58 pages13 minutes


This Reharmonization Method is a Series of Courses that teaches you how to turn a song from its basic level to substituting with advanced chords to create interesting harmony. Once you learn the full details of these 10 different levels of rearranging a song, you will be able to apply the same principles to thousands of songs. This course is a step by step approach to show you how to harmonize a song in the Key of C.

This is Rosa Adult Piano Lessons Reharmonization LeveL 1: Beginners.

The Fun Piano Course covers the following:

Step 1 Analyze the Song Structure
Step 2: Look for patterns in the melody
Step 3: Harmonize the Song with Basic Chords
Learn Harmony Rule 1:
Away In A Manger Lead Sheet
Chord Progression of Away In A Manger:

Step 4: Patterns in the Chord Progression
What conclusions can you draw?
Directions of Chord Movement
Basic Level Type 1 Song

Piano Techniques & Styles

Piano Technique 1: One Tone Melody
Piano Technique2: Bluesy Style
Piano Technique 3: Melody in 3rds
Piano Technique 4: Mordant Triplet
Piano Technique 5: 5 Note Turn
Piano Technique 6: Melody in 6ths
Piano Technique 7: Melody in 3rds & 6ths
Piano Technique 8: 3T6 Fixed Handshape
Piano Technique 9: Chord Inversion Technique
Piano Technique 10: Transfer Chord
Piano Technique 11: Chord IV I Amen Ending
Piano Technique 12: Play in other keys

BONUS Video: Away In A Manger: Key of F

Enjoy learning!


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