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An Acre In Wharfedale

Length: 446 pages7 hours


Arthur, a retired police officer and his old friends neither of whom are quite what they would have him believe. Simon purports to be an Archaeologist but he is hiding his true purpose in life. Mike, an upright and respected individual who has successfully worked his way to the office of Chief Constable but he hides a dark secret. A large quantity of gold, hidden by government agents in Wharfedale at the outbreak of war in 1940. Agents later killed by enemy action and who never had an opportunity to disclose the location chosen to conceal their secret deposit.

However, one man by the name of ‘Stratton’, a deranged scientist of unbelievable genius, somehow locates the hidden treasure. For years he schemes and eventually produces the most audacious detailed plan which even includes taking control of the local constabulary by introducing his own man, Khalid, into a senior post. By pure chance, Simon discovers the plot and Khalid fails to keep a key appointment. Nevertheless, the local constabulary, somewhat unexpectedly, gains a new Assistant Chief Constable.

Khalid it seems, may have been underestimated as he later escapes from his captors and plans to contact Stratton.

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