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Neil Falkson lives in Newfoundland, Canada and he’s just a normal young man. He doesn’t want to grow up, he doesn’t want to be responsible, and he doesn't want to do anything for anyone else. Unfortunately for him, a Valkyrie falls to earth and his whole life changes.
The beautiful, intimidating and very angry Brynhild of myth and legend is out for vengeance against the Jötnar, the Aesir's ancient enemy. But Brynhild has a lot of baggage, most of which she hurls at Neil when he doesn’t come up to her standards.
Both the unhappy Valkyrie and the disillusioned man, must come to terms with their failures, the failures of those around them and life in general so they can save both themselves and their world.
It is about trust and friendship, and learning that sometimes if we put our own desires aside to help those who truly matter to us, our lives will turn out all the better for it.
A darkly comic fantasy drama to touch the heart and excite the soul. Not everything in Newfoundland is about the snow!

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