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Listen To Your Heart

Length: 420 pages


"I know I've said it to you a million times, but I want you to know that I love you with all my heart. And if you ever think of forgetting that, just listen to this album and remember. Listen to the words and the music. Listen to the title. Listen to your heart. And mine. I love you."

The summer of 1978 is a time of transition for eighteen-year-old Jessica Wright. She had just graduated from high school, and was preparing to leave home for the first time to enter college that fall. Then a chance meeting with charismatic Alpha Blue lead singer Julian Szary, nearly fourteen years her senior, changes all that. They begin an intense love affair that Jessica believes will last forever, but instead abruptly disintegrates before the summer is over. Though their relationship ends painfully, their deep love for one another remains. Jessica finds emotional support from her longtime best friend, Alexandra Delaney, in the turbulent times that follow.

More than a decade later, Jessica and Julian meet again, when Julian unexpectedly shows up at Jessica's front door. Jessica is now a single mother, and Julian has left his band and is now performing as a solo artist. Alex had always told Jessica to listen to her heart, that it would lead her to the right decision about her relationship with Julian. But should she follow her heart? Can she and Julian overcome the heartaches of the past, and together deal with an uncertain future?

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