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Pink Panties

Length: 217 pages3 hours


Jack was having the day from Hell. As he prepared to make the final presentation for the biggest project of his career, he discovered that his trusted assistant, Stella, had sabotaged all the paperwork he needed to give to the clients. He managed to avoid disaster, but agreed with the boss; Stella had to go. The only question left was where and when to send her packing.

Stella, for her part, adored her job (and her boss), but one poorly timed visit to the ladies room put everything in danger. While she was gone, Jack took the wrong stack of binders! The phony presentation was just supposed to be a private way to vent her frustration without anyone knowing. Fortunately, Jack managed to save the day by preventing the clients from seeing the material.

Jack decides his only choice is to fire his long time assistant, and takes her out to dinner to drop the bomb. but could Stella convince him to punish her instead of firing her? Suddenly, the hue of Stella's panties becomes the indicator of the new reality of her life.

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