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Love and Other Stuff

Length: 23 pages8 minutes


A short book of poetry - the first by Simon J Sebastian.

Poems included:
Lost love: Mable is an ordinary name for an extraordinary girl,

Oil and water, the mixing: It’s not that they don’t mix. It’s just that they don’t mix.

My dog: He’s fairly large and quite ugly, he tracks dirt into the house as if it were a requirement.

Fear: Somewhere between Spike Milligan and Frank Herbert may be the answer.

Sausages: Once upon a time, I remember someone saying that it’s the simple things in life that give the most pleasure.

Ireland oh my Ireland: When you go somewhere on holiday a lot,

Not What It Seems (Pigs blame me for eating Bacon): Probability theory and the laws of diminishing returns are strange bedfellows.

Forever Young: She is, in my mind and my heart, forever young.

Coming Home: It won’t be long before she comes home.

Pathfinder: It’s always the same.

Superman: Leaping a tall building, I find myself somewhat underwhelmed.

On Poetry: Being a poet is a difficult task, it’s easy to be rash,

Completely Disenchanted: School was not for me.

The Healing Room: The doctor’s surgery is a drab place,

The Road From A to Z: Astonishing Brilliant Cymbals Decidedly Elegant

Laughter: Ha ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho ho, snort...

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