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Everyday Dangers

Length: 32 pages29 minutes


A look in the lives of a supervillain who's been slightly less villainous lately and her former nemesis that's been hanging around to keep an eye on her. When you've got powers the like of which the world has never seen, it's natural to want to enjoy them a little. When you have a mad scientist on the payroll, sometimes you just want to play around with the resulting technology before dinner. And just because you're super, doesn't mean accidents don't happen sometimes.

Legion and Stars&Stripes have come together on a regular basis to save the world, but there are still some mundane difficulties that can rear their heads in unexpected circumstances, especially when the two find themselves sharing one roof. There are certain things you just have to know about a person before you can live with them, if only you think to ask. For all their differences, they've managed so far. But, in the middle of trying out one of their scientist's latest schemes, have they finally found one so great as to drive them from the same dinner table all over again?

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