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Place of Women In Pakistan

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It is generally said that the women in Pakistan do not enjoy the rights and status which they deserve like the women in most of the countries in the other parts of the world, but it is not so. The modern Pakistani women enjoy a better status than most Muslim women in any other part of the world.

The status of women, however, varies to a great extent according to classes, regions, and rural/urban divide. There is uneven urban and social development in the country and tribal feudal dominated areas still follow the age old traditions and laws when it comes to dealing with the issues of women in Pakistan.

The governments, past and present, have always tried with the help of the enlightened groups of the country to elevate the status of women in Pakistani society.

Nowadays, there is increased awareness among people in Pakistan and the educational opportunities in the country have increased remarkably in the recent years.

Place of Women In Pakistan
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Historical Facts
Chapter Three: Women during Bhutto’s Government
Chapter Four: Women during Military Regime
Chapter Five: Women during Benazir’s Government
Chapter Six: Women during Nawaz Sharif Government
Chapter Seven: Women during Pervez Musharraf’s Regime
Chapter Eight: Asif Zardari’s Tenure
Chapter Nine: Old Practices
Chapter Ten: Culture and Education
Chapter Eleven: Crimes against Women in Pakistan
Chapter Twelve: Other Issues of Pakistani Women
Chapter Thirteen: Notable Women in Pakistan
Chapter Fourteen: Women in Art and Entertainment
Chapter Fifteen: In Sports and Literature

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