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Blood Waters: The Complete Book

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From the Publisher that brought you popular YA short story series Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Children of Two Futures, Chains of Darkness, The Magaram Legends, Requiem for a Dream, The Taken, The Whispering. And now, Blood Waters...

She falls for a man with no memories of his past


Someone who has migrated from the States into that sleeping corner of the world, Mila is bored, and lonely. Then, one day, she sees a man who’s been washed up on the shore. He doesn’t remember who he is or anything from his past.
In spite of it all, she finds herself falling in love with Tomas – the name she and her parents give him. But the hints that he is more than meets the eye are becoming more and more obvious.

When a team comes to their B&B to research the sacred cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula, Mila and Tomas have been drafted along as helpers. But as they go deeper into the jungle, Tomas begins to see familiar surroundings and his memories begin to return.

But those memories are not happy ones. His recollections of his past shows he had a cruel life. That past haunts him back and wants him to fulfill the sacrifice he tried to escape before.

On the brink of death, Tomas learns not just who but also what he really is. But by knowing the truth, will there still be a future for him and Mila?

And will Mila accept him for what he is?

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A movement caught her eye, and suddenly she noticed—how she failed to see this just a minute ago was beyond her—a body lying on the beach. The upper half was lying on the sand, the lower half being licked by the gentle waves of the ocean.

She gasped, not knowing what to think. A dead body, she thought, as she found herself tiptoeing towards it, wondering if it was as terrifying as the movies made it seem. It—it felt odd to think of something human as an “it”—was naked; the water-logged skin lending a queasy gray cast to the dark olive skin. Setting down the egg basket she carried in one hand, she bent over him—she could see now that it was a young man—and pushed him over onto his back.

He rolled over, gelid and cold. His lips were blue, and the circles around his eyes were so dark one might think they have been painted on his face. His body was speckled with bruises and the skin on his elbows and knees looked as though someone had taken a cheese grater to them. Mila felt her face curdle with displeasure, but she forced herself to do the one thing she remembered from her lifeguarding course: she pressed two fingers to the cool and clammy skin under his jaw.

With a jolt, she pulled her fingers away from his neck when she felt the unmistakable pulse of life. It startled her—he was still alive—and for a moment her mind blanked and she caught herself scrabbling backwards away from the body.

Books in the Series:

1. The Boy From the Sea: Blood Waters Part 1
2. The Tribute to the Sacred Waters: Blood Waters Part 2
3. The God of the Sky Serpents: Blood Waters Part 3
4. Master of the Jungle: Blood Waters Part 4

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