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The Oblivion's Call: Shadow Stalkers 2

Length: 42 pages37 minutes


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Seasons of Love, The Taken, Requiem for a Dream, In the Blood, A Halloween Awakening, Friend Zone, The Magaram Legends, and now, The Shadow Stalkers Series...


The nightmares continue to trouble Darian, but this time they linger even while he’s awake. Whatever darkness that seemed to surround him during the night of the robbery seems to have latched onto him, and there’s no knowing what the next nightmare will bring.

Darian Lane woke up from a comma not remembering how or why he got there. His doctor had to recount stories of the night for him to recall the unfortunate event, and now he has to deal with putting his life back together again. Witnessing a traumatic incident has left deep scars in his memory. What’s worse is that glimpses of the horrible incident come back to him in his dreams.

After suffering multiple gunshots wounds, he is tasked to learn how to walk again with the help of a physical therapist. Darian felt the unmistakable attraction between him and his doctor, Jennifer the moment they met. One thing led to another and they indulged in a steaming tryst right in his hospital bed.

Their moment of lust was unlike any other they have both experienced before. Will their connection lead to something deeper?

What should Darian make of his terrible nightmares?

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***READER ADVISORY: This series contains content that readers may find objectionable, including explicit language, sex, abuse, violence, and erotic themes.

The room was pitch-black and Darian couldn’t see his hands in front of his face. He could, however, feel someone standing close to him, watching his every movement, even in the darkness. He wanted to scream out in terror, but he knew that if he did, he would give out his position to whatever was in the room with him.

He stood frozen in fear, shaking uncontrollably. There was a sudden movement next to him and the brush of wind against his right cheek. Suddenly, a whisper broke through the darkness and sounded like a tornado siren in his ear.

“You killed her.”

As quickly as it appeared, the voice was gone. It was so quick that he almost didn’t catch what it said, and then the darkness started to fade away.

Slowly the room began to take on a form as light started to ease into the shadows. Darian looked around to see if he could figure out where he was and saw the familiar surroundings of his hospital room coming into focus. Standing over him was Nurse Jackie and a strange man he had not had the pleasure of meeting yet.

“Darian! Wake up, Darian! Can you hear me?”

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