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The Next Stage (Volume One, Deluxe Collected Edition)

Length: 288 pages4 hours


Collects Chapters 1-4 of the Next Stage plus original cover breakdowns, a cast of characters description, writer's notes plus extended/deleted material, and 3 alternate endings to chapter 4. Set in the distant future when humans have evolved beyond technology and 99% of the population has some form of enhanced or "super" ability, The Next Stage: Volume One: The Orchard Wars tells the story of 3 reluctant heroes, Bryyan Jacksson, Lynnea Misaki, and Kialla Bossito, who uncover the corruption of the powerful political and corporate families that conspire to control the seemingly perfect world-wide social Utopia. Caught in a secret war between the affluent Orchard Enterprises and the sinister Risollo family, Bryyan, Lynnea,and Kialla must choose between civil justice or personal revenge in their effort to reveal the criminal and violent games that are played by those in power. Answering the question, "What would the world look like if every living person had a super-power?", this story addresses issues such as world peace, technological addiction, economic inequity, religious interpretation, and moral conscientiousness.

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