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Don't Call Me Sweetheart

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Jessica was a cop with two problems: the first was to evade the drug gang who wanted her dead and the second was to stay alive long enough to get to court to testify against them.
With her unusual abilities and snarky attitude she was not an easy person and as a result always worked alone.
Jack was a bodyguard with a difference. When he received a request to find a cop and protect her, he didn't realise what a formidable partner she would be, AI enhancements notwithstanding.
While their relationship got off to a rocky start, both saw the benefit of working together on this case.
When Jessica became the bait in her own case, the situation required that she became the cold-hearted cop for which she was known.
The only question was: would if be enough to put the McCrae gang behind bars without more innocent people dying?

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