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Be Careful What You Wish For

Length: 373 pages3 hours


A Trilogy of Terror
Welcome to Bella Luna Bookstore and Metaphysical Shop. Don’t let the innocent façade fool you. It’s much more than just a bookstore, and Belda, the owner, so much more than a mere proprietor. There is power within these walls. Just ask the people you will meet who have been there. Three people, all willing to take desperate measures to make their dreams come true.

Elizabeth McGwire, a selfish and spoiled young woman, willing to sacrifice her only living relative for greed and obsession.

Martin Reynolds, a gifted attorney, willing to do anything to make his social-climbing wife happy, even if it includes destroying innocent lives.

Stormie Banks, a Hollywood legend, tortured with a morbid fear of aging. Willing to sell her soul, she desperately turns to the occult to remain young.

Little did any of them know what evil powers they had called into play when they engaged Belda’s unique talent to help them realize their darkest dreams.

Three very different people, with only one thing in common——they all enlisted the aid of one evil woman to attain their heart’s desires——and they all wished they could turn back the hands of time to stop the horror they set in motion by walking through the door of Bella Luna.

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