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Educating Eva: Silverlake Priory Book One

Length: 150 pages2 hours


Eva has a temper as strong as her desire not to wed. Unfortunately, in the 15th century, that doesn't leave her with many options.

Her guardian, Lord Christopher Ellis, decides that something must be done and sends her to Silverlake Priory - a most unusual place renowned for reforming stubborn young women. Little does he know what he's getting them both into.

How will Eva cope with the strictest discipline imaginable, corporal punishment and other, more unusual methods used at the Priory to turn hot-tempered girls into obedient young ladies? Will she acquiesce or will she fight Father, Mother and the Sisters every step of the way?

Book 1 of this exciting new series will take you behind the stone walls of the Priory. Join Eva and her friends as they love, laugh, learn, break the rules and are made to accept the consequences... whether they like it or not.

This is a sexually-explicit novel featuring discipline and mild age-play elements in a historical setting. It is a "fantasy" priory and no connection with any actual religion is made.

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