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The Hotchkiss Daily Bible Apocalypse Calendar

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This recently discovered insightful work will give many new solid truths to knowing the times of the Bible apocalypse. Over 100 daily Bible historical events placed in time with the modern Julian calendar. What is revealed is many set days in past history have been specifically chosen for a hidden purpose. This calendar from ancient times has shown the exact dates for global occurrences in our modern day. The overthrow of Egypt and the surrounding nations happened on the same days, repeating again some 2500 years later. Is our future partially written in the past? Did you know that Bible prophecies are started and finished on the very same day of the year. We encourage the reader to come to their own conclusions. The calendar does include commentary to emphasize some of the more important thoughts. This work was made for all who are curious as to what time Man is moving through. Are we at the pinnacle of our creative limit? Or is something beyond our scope possibly to come with surprise. There is no surprise when you can see it coming..... and this is a window to that now known future.

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