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The Human Condition

Length: 126 pages1 hour


Book 2 of the Song of the Ancestors Series. Follows the events of Web of the Spider Queen.
Civil war grips the realm of Orum in this new adventure from the Song of the Ancestors Series. Action, love, betrayal, new lands and new characters.

After a long, brutal war that nearly destroyed the beautiful lands of the realm, the people and the land heal slowly as life returns. The sound of children being born fills the villages and kingdoms but still not every heart is full of joy.

Fear and hatred cast a cloud over the hard-fought peace. The Amazon Queen Lianna must protect all she loves from this new threat, one that she never expected. She becomes an outcast in Orum, fighting for survival while seeking the help of the leader of the elves, Nix, the only person who has not turned his back on her.

Friends will become foes, sides will be chosen, and war will once again strike the world, this time from within. All of this because Lianna dared to love someone different, someone not of her race, someone who will usher in a whole new age in the realm....if its own people don't destroy it first.

Fantasy novella. 30,000 words. Book 2 of the Song of the Ancestors Series.

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