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Angle of Deception

754 pages10 hours


A global adventure thriller with a no-holds barred power woman diplomat, her intrepid journalist best friend, and a secretive agent boyfriend at the center of a country on the verge of chaos.

The Ambassador’s daughter is dead.

Diplomat Karlie Laker is charged with finding the killer that she thinks could be her ex-boyfriend, Carlos, the Minister of Public Security, and the most visible member of Alcazar's corrupt ruling Baker family. She must uncover the truth before journalist Jessie Tarmaine beats her to it.

Too bad they are best friends.

Karlie and Jessie lock intense ambition, loyalty and duty against family strife, civil unrest and lost hope to unveil a scandal that threatens to take down Alcazar's most powerful family.

Writer Case Lane is a former diplomat and one-time reporter, who introduces Alcazar, a country of relentless deception modeled on personal experience, global travel, history and jaw-dropping front page news.

Seeking justice from the back streets of the red-light district, to the farthest reaches of the island's desert, and ultimately to the center of a war between the long established Bakers and the upstart immigrant Vashons, Karlie and Jessie risk their lives as they are drawn into a battle that has hatred and revenge at its core.

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