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3 Days to Lazarus

Length: 340 pages5 hours


3 Days to Lazarus draws its imaginative story-line from the same well as Huxley’s (Brave New World) and Orwell’s (1984), but there the resemblance ends. Lazarus is an uplifting contemporary novel that depicts a “New World Order” of today, ruled-over by a global government in a sham pseudo-democracy, and controlled by profit driven corporate giants. For a dissident journalist and his small group, who suddenly find themselves plunged into the ranks of a deeply embedded insurrection, it is a breath-taking countdown to the greatest human uprising the world is ever likely to see.
In the final days of the Second World War, the history of mankind is changed irrevocably as America -having developed its nuclear capabilities ahead of any other nation- launches a series of devastating strikes across Japan and Germany, bringing the conflict to a violent close. Emerging from the war as the world’s only remaining super power, the USA and its financial backers are able to dictate the terms for the establishment of a “New World Order”; as an end to all future conflict, global compliance to a unified economic, welfare and fiscal system is its foundation stone. By 1954, a unified world with a single, global government has been formed, with its headquarters in New York. From behind the veil of a benevolent pseudo-democracy and for almost sixty years the world is ruled with an ever growing iron first, dominated by the vast banking and business sector which has overwhelmed the space where democracy and civil rights once existed, while this global government approach promotes a mantra of “the benefit of all, over the individual”, when in reality it is for the cause of furthering elite corporate greed and absolute power, at any cost.
In 2011 dissent has begun to spread throughout the populous like a virus. A group of hardened, expertly trained and well-armed anti-globalists, calling themselves “The Misfits”, are rapidly growing in number; they long to return to the democracies of old where the individual was not perpetually and viciously sacrificed in favour of maintaining the bloated status-quo. The system is a fascist one and its ethics are a sham; civil liberties, social welfare and individual rights have been crushed. The Misfits are finalising their plot for international rebellion, code-named Lazarus, a plan that has been fermenting for almost sixty years, and which will be unleashed in London, the international heart of banking.
Benson Miller, a liberal journalist who unwittingly becomes the voice of the looming revolution, uncovers a sinister plot orchestrated by the government and designed to sabotage any potential uprising, at the expense of millions of lives. The only solution will be to bring Operation Lazarus forward. It will fall to Miller and his most trusted allies within The Misfits to incite the masses, attack and cripple the global government and to stop the world descending into human enslavement.

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