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Six Drill for Oil

Length: 112 pages1 hour


When Sophie didn't get a place on her school trip to Paris, her only option was to solve a mystery (ideally one that was baffling the police) and become famous. But were Martians really drilling for zinc off the coast... ?
As far as Eric was concerned, things would be much more straightforward if they simply poisoned one of the other girls.

'What do you think happened to him?' Sophie asked.
'He probably drowned, judging from the way he's lying face-down in the water,' Jack said.
'I'm not sure,' Eric said.
'Why not?' Jack asked.
'Well, what about that knife?' Eric pointed to a large black-handled knife, embedded in the man's back.
'What about it?' Martin asked.
'I think he was murdered,' Eric said.
'Murdered!' Jack exclaimed. 'How exciting!'
'I'll go and keep Roy company,' Martin volunteered. Eric's imaginary friend would be getting bored and lonely. Also, Martin didn't like the idea of being so close to a murder victim: soon people would be looking for someone to blame.

A sixth curious and surreal romp through the world of The Splendid Six.

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