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Inspirations from Life: Thirty Three Years of Poems and Images

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Eighty-four (84) Original Poems

Thirty-one (31) Original Images

Three “Poetry in Fiction” Samples

Extensive links and light commentary


Inspirations from Life
Thirty Three Years of Poems & Images

An attempt,in increments, to say and show the wholeness of inspiration in my life.


The Poems

Eighty-four original poems, written between 1981 and 2014.

Some never before published, and many others pulled from my various poetry collections of family, sports, arts, love, and places poems.


The Images

Thirty original images. Most are photographs from places Sheila and I have either lived in or visited, from the Texas Hill Country to Vermont to Paris. Links are often included to any articles or category listings on my site with more similar images.


The Poetry in Fiction Samples

From my Poetry in Fiction series on my site, I’ve include the poetry portion from three postings in this book. The full articles include the fictional excerpt the poetry was created from, plus additional commentary and links.


The commentary and Links

All commentary is my own, meant to entertain and show how or why I’ve come to create a particular poem or image.

And all links are what’s called, non-affiliate.

That just means the links are not tied to an advertiser, including myself.

Even if you visit or buy one of my creative items, the link to it is just a link, and I don’t make more monies from providing it. I don’t have anything against making money from a link I provide, but I’ve had my site on Wordpress for a long time now, like the way everything works, and have no plans at this time to move everything to a commercial-able site to profit from any links.


The exploration of inspiration in our lives is really a simple thing, yet endless. Which complicates things. But in an interesting lifelong way.

That’s a lot for me to be grateful for. :-)

Thank you so much, sincerely,

Felipe Adan Lerma

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