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Night Shift

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Charlie Munson and Dave Simmons are bungling security guards. They are curious about the identity of the VIP on the six floor. They are insulted because as security guards and public protectors, they should have been be briefed. The enemy who attempted the assassination discovers the Prime Minister is in the hospital under a fictitious name. The mayhem begins when Charlie and Dave try getting past the Secret Service agents guarding the six floor.
The medical center also has a Psychiatric Building. Dave and Charlie’s shift begins with them restraining a Psych Patient. The patient demands to be taken to the sixth floor. He insists he knows the identity is the Prime Minister. A nefarious Psychiatry doctor, Earnest Elhurst, jabs a hypo into patient to silence him. Dr. Elhurst is a specialist in Psychiatry and Mind Control.
This takes place on the swing shift of a major San Francisco medical center with a bevel of sexy nurses, and a motley crew of slouchy ragtag security guards. They are all drawn into a whirlwind of shots fired and bomb threats. Swing Shift.

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