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Inseminated by the Stud

Length: 24 pages23 minutes


Matthew is a very fortunate man. He has made a fortune doing what he loves - helping single woman and couples in search for a healthy and handsome sperm-donor conceive. With four beautiful women at his side who do his bidding as long as he keeps them pregnant, he is living a life of pleasure and comfort.

But today, he has to cut his session with one of his girlfriends short - he still has a client that needs his help. Her name is Miranda, a successful lawyer who desperately wants a child and has an...appointment with Matthew, who is all too happy to help her out. And if Matthew judges her correctly, she craves his dominance.

A 6300 words long tale of passionate baby-making, male dom and dirty fantasies told from Matthew's perspective.
All characters in this story are adults over the age of 18.

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