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In the Coils of the Serpent Men

Length: 31 pages28 minutes


The ancient enchantress Pirth was given a single task: find three young warriors to join her in driving back the demons of the Nether Realms. But pursued by their own pasts and unable to come together as a group, the foursome quickly stumbles into an ambush, and all seems lost.

Helpless before their captors, each woman learns in turn what it really means to surrender. As they succumb one by one to the venom and the choking coils of the serpent men, each learns things about herself that she never knew...not the least of which is just how kinky she's been all along!

IN THE COILS OF THE SERPENT MEN is an erotic fantasy ebook featuring reluctance, humiliation, choking, and underwater sex with demonic monsters. What's not to like?

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