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God in the Wild: Blood Waters 4

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From the Publisher that brought you popular YA short story series Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Children of Two Futures, Chains of Darkness, The Magaram Legends, The Night Sculptor Series, Requiem for a Dream, The Taken, The Whispering. And now, Blood Waters...

“...he still remembers being Tomás. He still remembers that he loves me.” - Mila


Mila and the others navigate their way through the dense Yucatan jungle, enduring hunger and thirst. With help from fate - or perhaps some godly being - they are able to survive to get back to civilization.

While they are enduring the hurricane that hits the jungle, the same hurricane also wreak havoc on her home and nearby towns and cities. This makes her family evacuate for safety, leaving the house vacant when Mila reaches home. And she realizes that she is free to return to Boston, but only at a price: her family, and Tomas.

Is it one that she is willing to pay? And will she let Tomas go?

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“Huh, I guess the jungle does listen,” Tim said.
Mila was already wrapping leaves into cones, the way Tim had done the day before. Now that they were no longer under the thick foliage of the jungle, they got drenched quickly, and it wasn’t long before they all pressed against each other, back-to-back, trying to stay warm and collect as much water as they could. The rain tasted metallic and warm, but it was liquid, and they were parched.
They stayed where they were while the rain poured down around them, drinking as soon as they managed to collect a full “cup” of water, even though they were no longer thirsty. Even though Mila didn’t think their bodies could actually hold onto the water—they were not camels, after all—and even though Tim confirmed to her that, short of catching and recycling their sweat and the moisture they lost through breathing, the water would just pass out of them, she still felt compelled to drink. Feast and famine, she thought, as she drank down her third cup.
And then she saw him—Tomás, standing on the road. She startled, and scrambled to her feet. She didn’t know what she would say or do once she reached him. But the long grass hid tough tendrils, and her foot got caught in one, and she fell. By the time she extracted herself, he was gone again.
“Mila!” Tim shouted, as he came up behind her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”
“I saw him,” she said. “I saw him—Tomás.”
“You saw him, too?” he said.
“You mean you also saw him?”
“I saw him,” Tim said. “I didn’t want to believe it. I was afraid he was going to try to kill you, but I couldn’t be sure he was real.”
Mila shook her head. “He won’t kill me,” she said.

Books in the Series:

1. The Boy From the Sea
2. The Tribute to the Sacred Waters
3. The God of the Sky Serpents
4. Blood Waters: The Complete Book

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