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Mentalist In Detention

Length: 90 pages1 hour


This tale contains a short prologue, and a long sexual encounter, between a master and his five hot sex slaves.
It is split to the following chapters:
Chapter 1 – Prologue
Chapter 2 – Becoming slaves
Chapter 3 – Master's Toys
Chapter 4 – Tit Wrestling For The Win!
Chapter 5 – Making Amends and Popping Cherries
Chapter 6 – Slavegirls And The Tits They Carry
Chapter 7 – Epilogue

Jenna, a busty young teacher, is supervising detention. Before her, sit five students.
Vicky, a straight A goody two shoes, who never attended detention before, in her life.
Haley, a rebellious anarchist, intent on fighting 'the power', wherever it may be.
Ana, the blonde head cheerleader, and class queen.
Mia, the green eyed swimming team champion.

And Brian, a mentalist with the talent to manipulate people, and make them think whatever he wants them to.

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