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Defending Zando

Length: 141 pages1 hour


The Kingdom of Zando and its magnificent Castle on the Hill is a source of envy for the kingdoms nearby in this ancient time of magic. King Bullato of Grottlyn covets the Kingdom of Zando and its wonderful castle as he watches Zando’s prosperity and happiness grow each day. He plots to take over Zando after removing King Allandro. Will Princess Adriana, now the Queen be capable of saving the Kingdom of Zando? Will she ever be able to join with the love of her heart, the handsome and rugged Duke Arden? Will the Army of Zando be able to overcome all odds and defeat evil King Bullato, in spite of his army and the horrible, twisted creatures he gads created with the help of his sorcerers? All these questions suddenly descend on the Kingdom of Zando one warm and sunny summer day when the bells in the towers of the castle suddenly ring out an alarm after fifty years of silence. Join the Army of Zando, Queen Adriana and Duke Arden in the heroic quest to save their beloved kingdom.

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