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Tales from Omega Station: Abduction

Length: 34 pages29 minutes


Kyrena Saunders is used to living in a bubble under the thumb of her ultra competitive father. When his work for Jeylani Corporation forces the family to move to the end of the known Universe for the sake of profit, Kyrena thinks things can't get any worse: Until she discovers that Omega Station's chaotic urban melting pot is just what she needs to escape her sheltered life. She jumps at the chance for a day of freedom exploring one of the giant 'Domes' covering the surface, and she can't wait to see real live aliens for the first time. But will she get more than she bargained for? As her father's corporate enemies try to kidnap her, Kyrena finds herself becoming collateral damage in a high stakes game of corporate politics. She has no choice but to turn anywhere she can for help...whether those helping hands be alien or human.

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