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The Face of The Abyss: Shadow Stalkers 4

Length: 71 pages1 hour


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph's Gift, Seasons of Love, The Taken, Requiem for a Dream, In the Blood, A Halloween Awakening, Friend Zone, The Magaram Legends, and now, The Shadow Stalkers Series...


Never in a million years would Darian Lane imagine that the night of the robbery would bring such evil and misfortune into his life. He thought that he could finally start anew with Jennifer, but the shadow of death is determined to ruin every good in his life.

Darian has to convince Detective Daniels that the murder that happened is not something that can be solved by throwing a person into jail. He was never one to believe in the paranormal either until Miss Bonnie mysteriously knew about his dreams.

Miss Bonnie gave him fair warning about the darkness that he has to endure. He is the only one capable of stopping them, and it is up to him to fight the shadows from claiming the darkness. If not, then all will be lost and the light will fade from reality.

Will Darian just give up and accept his dark destiny? Or will he choose to fight it for the sake of his loved ones?

Join Darian as he comes face to face with the shadow of darkness in this fourth and last instalment of Shadow Stalkers. Download the book today!

***READER ADVISORY: This series contains content that readers may find objectionable, including explicit language, sex, abuse, violence, and erotic themes.

“Many millennia ago, before light shown on this reality, there was a consciousness of such extreme vileness and hatred that everything it created caused pain and suffering. This vile consciousness has gone by many names throughout the ages but none of them ever truly described what it was. Your darkest nightmares would be as fluffy kittens to this consciousness, and all it could do was create horrible creatures so that it could destroy them over and over again. It sat in complete darkness and tortured itself by visualizing the worst possible experiences.”

Darian was drawn in completely to what Miss Bonnie was saying, but Daniels was paying more attention to what she wasn’t saying, and what she wasn’t saying was what he needed to know to stop these murders from continuing.

“While in this realm of darkness, the vile consciousness saw something completely alien to it. There was, for a very brief second, a spark of light. This spark confused the consciousness that had dwelt in darkness for its entire existence. It had no idea what light was, nor did it understand why it was appearing in a realm that was nothing but pain and anguish. As soon as the spark was noticed it was gone again that the consciousness sought to discover what it was. It put all of its attention on trying to figure out what this strange happening was, and how it could be made again.”

Miss Bonnie got up and walked over to a large cabinet that sat against the far wall. She opened the cabinet and took out a small black box made from what appeared to be charred wood. She brought the box back to her chair and sat it in the table in front of them....

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