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I feel

can refer to one having a good day or a bad day as opposed to “feeling under the weather” which is not a
very good day at all.
If you’re feeling sad, or just under the weather, go to a place in this book that makes you feel good, then
let your imagination go there and sense the moment...feel it.
As you visit each seasonal chapter of these free verse poems and illustrations you’ll sense a bigger picture
of what you’ll see and read, you will imagine and visualize impressions of your own. Use the image and
the poem to set your mood; days that bring you comfort.
We feel and do things differently as the day unfolds itself and hope you will too because:
You can’t change the weather but you can change how you think and feel.
“The cloud is moving...the sun will be out soon”
The author & illustrator have devoted and donated a year of their work, time and resources to have this
book published in supporting the National Cancer Institute and you will too.
Proceeds from the sale of each book will make you feel good in knowing that you will be benefiting
hundreds of thousands of people through the National Cancer Institute.
The back cover will give you information about the NCI so please take the time to read it, as your
donations will play a significant role in PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE.
That’s why this book is dedicated to you.
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