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The Long Journey Home

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Can she find the courage to escape the life she once dreamt of in order to live the life she was meant to live?

After years in an abusive marriage, Abby Wilder discovers proof of her husband’s infidelity. The overwhelming fear of leaving the man she once loved seems easier to deal with than her constant battle to keep her home life hidden from others and intact. With the help of a dear, older friend, Abby sneaks out of town.

She travels miles out of her way to keep her husband off her trail. However, she left her house in disarray and injured her arm, so blood and questions were left behind. Abby’s dear friend accuses Abby’s husband of abuse and possibly murder. Now, the authorities are looking for her. There’s a reward for help in locating her and it’s growing. She’s running scared.

While traveling, she finds a dog who adopts her and a man who helps her care for her injured dog and now wants to heal her wounds, too.

But Abby needs to face her past before she can have a future. Will she embrace the second chance that life is offering her?

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