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A Personal Mission Statement: Your Road Map to Happiness

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The secret to the happiness is within you and you can reveal it!

This book is for you if you want to create your own mission statement. And if you already have one, you'll discover how to use it. Maybe you have no idea what a personal mission statement is - read on!

If you are a member of the last category:
When you make a personal mission statement you're making a compass to guide your entire life.
Why am I a good source of data about this topic? I may have no letters after my name, but I may be better qualified than you in creating effective personal mission statements. I have made my own and use it. What is more, my guide has already helped some people to create their own statements:

"You convinced me to review, rewrite and resume my Personal Mission Statement. Michal, I don't know how to thank you. You have given me so to do it. May you be blessed with much more!"
-- Nina Malinda, Malaysia
I've done this; so have others. You can easily repeat the process..

An incentive

After an hour of searching in the Internet you can find basic information what the mission statement is and how to write one. In today's world we are overloaded with data, what we need is some motivation to actually implement the knowledge we've gained. Another advantage of my book is that it includes my personal struggle with the creation process, which you may find an encouragement to create your own personal mission statement.

"Your mission creation process has been inspiring. It's very worthwhile work."
-- Anthony Smits, New Zealand

6 ways to leverage your personal mission statement - achieve faster results in your life!

If you are an advanced student of personal development, you have your goals defined, you know yourself, your weak spots and strengths, but maybe you have not formed a personal mission statement yet - this book can still be useful for you. Check out chapters 4 - "Chiseling your personal mission statement out of raw material" - and 5 - "I have it, what's next?"
This book can be helpful for you even if you already have a personal mission statement, if you are not using it. You made it once and put into the drawer. Check out 5th chapter - "I've made it! What's now?"
A personal mission statements consists of words, but if you are more responsive to visual or audio stimulus, I will show how you can use your written mission statement in conjunction with pictures and sounds.


8 high quality links to personal mission statement examples.
27 question sets.
10 mental exercises.
6 ways to put your personal mission statement into use.
A real story described by some people as "inspiring".

all in less than 9000 words.
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