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For lovers of these beautiful little feats of engineering ..........
This is an inexpensive little guide intended for those starting to collect powder compacts. It gives general information on collecting and caring for compacts and features colour pictures, rarity indication and details of around 300 different powder compacts, carryalls and nécessaires from the early 1900’s up to the present day.

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A Beginner's Guide To Collecting Powder Compacts - Caroline Y Preston

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Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - A Brief History Of Powder Compacts

Chapter 3 - Art Nouveau, Art Deco & Early Powder Compacts Up To & During The Second World War

Chapter 4 - The Hey Day Of Compacts Post War to the 1960’s

Chapter 5 - 1970’s Onwards

Chapter 6 - Some Early Powder Dispensing Mechanisms & Novelty Compacts

Chapter 7 - Carryalls, Nécessaires, Minaudières & Combination Compacts

Chapter 8 - A List of Compact Companies By Country

Chapter 9 - Further Reading

Chapter 10 - Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 – Introduction

This guide is only meant to be an inexpensive short beginner’s guide to assist those starting up collecting powder compacts and should you become a more serious collector, or have a large eclectic collection, then I would recommend consulting some of the other more excellent in depth powder compact reference books currently available (a list of which can be found later in this guide) for further information.

This guide does not give valuations for the compacts contained within it as pricing is subjective due to a large number of factors. I have however given an indication of the compacts rarity (C = common, FC = fairly common, U= uncommon or RF =rarely found) based on my own experiences and the Country in which I live (the UK). You may find this rarity indication may differ slightly depending on your location and if you buy your compacts via global internet auction sites rather than local antique centres. Some popular models of compacts were produced for several decades and I have put them in the chapters that they first became available.

Like many collectors I started collecting compacts through collecting other items first, in my case it was costume jewellery brooches and after seeing several lovely compacts on display on the various jewellery stalls as I browsed local Antique and Collectors Fairs and Flea Markets, I became hooked and made my first compact purchase of what I now know to be a fairly common Stratton Queen shape compact, but at the time, to me was the find of the century. I am happy to say I still own this compact, it lives on my dressing table and I use it daily.

My First Compact Purchase – A Stratton Queen Shaped Powder Compact With Matching Perfume Atomiser and Lipstick Lipview Compact

A large proportion of powder compacts you will come across at antique & collectable fairs, car boot sales and flea markets will have been made from the 1950’s onwards, and particularly if you live in the United Kingdom, they will most probably have been made by the British firms Stratton or Kigu, who manufactured and sold millions of compacts throughout the world. It is a testament to the craftsmanship of these beautifully made compacts that so many have survived in fully working good condition. Occasionally you may find older or more unusual compacts to add to your collection so I believe it’s always worth a look, no matter how unpromising a venue may look.

As there are so many different types and makes of powder compacts you may decide after you have been collecting a while to specialise in a certain area; for instance collecting certain makes, countries, compact designers or themes (ballet, ships, regimental insignia and birds are popular). You may also wish to include matching related items such as cigarette cases, perfume atomisers, pill boxes, combs or lipstick compacts to