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No Other Love

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No other love was the terms of Dinasia Whitman and Tislam Parker’s vow; a serious promise made upon falling in love when they were children growing up in the Foster Care System. It was also the lyrics to their favorite childhood song. But Shateek Davis also had a thing for vows premised on love; he too loved Dinasia and was the type that once he loved someone, he loved hard, uncompromising and . . . forever. He was more than willing to do whatever it took to get Tislam out of the picture and Dinasia all to himself, even to the extent of utilizing tragic induced maneuvers that would eventually send Tislam to prison for life. After Dinasia marries Shateek, she discovers the truth and goes on a secret, action-packed mission to free Tislam. When the actual gunman and Shateek catches on to what Dinasia is doing, tracks are covered, dead bodies start piling up and the no other love pledge is put to the ultimate test.

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