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Want to get the best out of your organic vegetable garden? Ultimate Organic Vegetable Gardening is brimming with time-tested expert knowledge on setting up your own organic home garden - secrets learned from decades of tilling the land. Become an expert in the hobby that just keeps on giving - its easy, it saves you a packet, its great exercise and it allows you to take control of you and your family's diet.

Are you a beginner? For those starting out in vegetable growing, Ultimate Organic Vegetable Gardening covers the basics of what to do, when to do it, budgeting time, container gardening and choosing which vegetables to start growing for the best success.

Learn the secrets of soil - testing it, creating a planting bed, crop rotation, mulches, manure crops, the no-digging method, and new ways of planting your veggies for maximum benefit.

Find out how to make the organic compost that'll make your vegetable garden a fertile paradise. Learn how to water your garden the right way, managing sunlight, how to plant indoors and transplant, and how to create prize-winning vegetables.

Get rid of those pests - organically! Ultimate Organic Vegetable Gardening covers all the bugs you're likely to encounter (both friendly bugs and those that can devastate your crops while your back is turned) and how to get rid of them through eight key steps.

Ultimate Organic Vegetable Gardening contains comprehensive information on vegetables for both colder and warmer climates, cucurbitaceae, and vegetables that will grow all year round. Want to know the secrets to growing each specific type of vegetable? Read about the secrets to cucumbers, gourds, potatoes, the lettuce family, summer lettuce, Romaine lettuce, the onion family, tomatoes, kale greens, broccoli, alliums, chives, garlic cloves, leeks, onions, shalotts, artichokes, esculent roots, carrots (Nantes carrots, soil for carrots, when to plant...), beets (cultivating beets, planting and harvesting beets...), chufa, melons, pumpkins, squash, summer squash, winter squash, brassicaceous plants, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, Savoy cabbage, runner Beans, parsnips, radishes, Ruta-Baga aka French, Swede, or Russian turnips, sweet potato (Spanish Potato/Carolina potato), turnips (English turnips)...and many more!

Ultimate Organic Vegetable Gardening is the perfect companion for the beginner and the expert alike.

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