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Hello Reputation: We Trust People. We Remember Stories. We Buy Experiences.

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It’s the first publication ever written that shows how to implement best networking practices in online marketing strategy. It’s an easy guide on building lasting connections with your current and potential clients, based on step-by-step explanations of each technique and examples of implementation by some of the most popular online personalities.

Inside you’ll learn:
- Why you’ve been spending huge marketing budgets that have built scope but hardly any engagement.
- What your strategy and foie gras have in common and why it might be lethal for your business.
- What street musicians in Rome can teach you about positioning.
- The communication First-Aid and what to do when your mind goes blank.
- What’s the most powerful question in business communication.
And much more...

Warning: doesn’t include magical formulas for overnight enlargements (of any kind). Sorry.

Why it’s free? Because it’s too important to be restricted only for credit card holders. Also, it’s the way of paying forward to all exceptional people whose work inspired this book.

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