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Not Perfect

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Not Perfect is about the tragic chain of events that occurs after a major league baseball player misses a fly ball. Bo Pearson plays for the Boston Red Sox. He is in right field during a sure perfect game thrown by rookie pitching sensation, Jake Lang, who is the darling of Red Sox Nation. But, a catchable line drive sails over Pearson's head in the ninth inning, ruining Lang's perfect game.
The misplayed line drive causes a furious reaction among fans and teammates, especially Lang. Pearson knows his life will change because he caused such an uproar within Red Sox Nation. He never could have imagined, however, how dramatically his life will be devastated by that one mistake.
Red Sox Nation fanatics want retribution, and they get it. Pearson's home is set on fire. His wife and only son are killed in the blaze. Having no faith in the police investigation of the murders, Pearson is determined to bring to justice those involved in causing the fire.
Not Perfect delves into the destructive nature of fanaticism as it takes readers on a ride through gritty neighborhoods in and around Boston. It explores themes of love, revenge, and redemption as Pearson tries to find those responsible for murdering his family. This journey into the dark side of dangerous and complex human behavior poses the question: What is a person's capacity for vengeance in the face of evil? The novel reminds the reader that the answer to this question is as complex as the people involved.

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