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Dietary Research has uncovered many Superfoods with super healing power. They are coined 'superfoods' because they have fewer calories, higher levels of vitamins and minerals, and most important of all, they have super healing powers with high antioxidants to fight many diseases.

In this book, I am highlight the TOP 14 Superfoods with Super Healing Power.

Find out for yourself what these Top 14 Superfoods are so that you can start eating healthily and nutritiously to:

1. healthy weight loss
2. prevent heart diseases
3. prevent cancer

The following 2 statements are principles that are work in us everyday!

1. You ARE what you EAT!

2. Food is your BEST Medicine!

The way you look today has a lot to do with what you eat everyday. Eating provides nourishment to the body, and depending on the foods you eat, a nutritious diet will yield healthy results.

Some foods go above and beyond their nutrition duty, providing healing properties to the body as well. Whether you're fighting an illness or want to prevent one, eating foods that heal the body can provide surprising benefits.

Food is your best medicine. Millions of people have been living according to this principle all the way back to 400 B.C. when Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, made food his primary prescription to all diseases and illnesses.

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