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Energy and EV Secrets: How the volt, plug-in hybrids, electric cars and e-bikes can save energy and cut your gas prices

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Rising Gas Prices... Global & Local Concerns... Inside this book, discover why it’s time to consider the Electric Vehicle Solution

Energy and EV Secrets shows why Energy and Oil Dependence will be defining concerns for decades. It clearly identifies the links between oil, national security, the economy, good jobs and our individual bank accounts. It even establishes a clear connection between imported oil and the Great Recession. It does all this with engaging language and graphics based on the known facts that delivers the message with style.

The reader will learn:
* Why Oil Dependence Problems are important to you and your country
* Why our National Security is becoming at risk from huge expenses to protect global supplies
* The details of the Pending Global Competition for Oil
* How plug-in hybrids like the volt and electric cars like the LEAF keep money in Local Economies
* 7 Energy Secrets that achieve personal energy security and save energy

The EV Solution presented is clearly a viable way to handle the oil dependence concerns. The Solution shows how a variety of electric vehicles can free millions of people from draining their bank accounts for fuel. The EV Solution has something for every pocketbook.

The information includes:
* How to drive 3,000+ Miles on One Tank of Gas with a Chevy Volt!
* 7 ideas that keep people in Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Thinking
* 3 key ideas that will take a reader out of the ICE Age and into the EV Mindset
* 19 ways plug-in hybrids, electric cars and e-bikes bring Smiles to their drivers
* How to beat High Gas Prices with the EV Solution

The book accumulates EV knowledge from many experts and pioneers as well as the author’s first-hand experience. It covers a full range of electric vehicle options, including the Volt, plug-in hybrids, and electric cars like the Nissan LEAF and the Tesla — along with e-bikes and everything in between.

When people realize how the EV Mindset can save energy costs and help fight high gas prices, they will wonder why it took so long to become part of the EV Solution.

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