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Ahimoth, is a story about Jason, a single, thirty year old man who moves to the country to find his own retreat. He moves into a house that called to him, or so he thought. He never knew he was lead to the home for another reason.
Jason was a good hearted man, a successful writer, who was trying to find out where he really fit in. He was looking for that one thing that was missing from his life. The one thing that would give him a sense of purpose.
He had no idea that he was about to find out why he was lead to the house, and what the true purpose of his life was, and what it was to be chosen by God. He had no idea about how his life was about to be changed, and that there is more out there, more than we believe and far more than we can see.
Join Jason as he walks between this world and the next. Follow him as he goes from being an ordinary man to a man that does God's will as a soul collector.

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