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Holy How? Holiness, the Sabbath, Communion and Baptism

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Enjoy the Privilege of Being Holy to the Lord!

Believer, you are chosen to be special and unique and filled with the very nature of God, through your intimate relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Join Bible teacher and prophetic minister, Ben Peters, and discover what this means as he explores the blessings of holiness, communion, the Sabbath and baptism. These four important church teachings are loaded with hidden treasures of great value, bringing overflowing joy and power to the Bride of Christ, His Body, His Church.

Ben’s desire is to help the church of Jesus Christ blow away more of the Medieval dust that still clouds our minds with “Dark Ages” thinking. And to get you updated and upgraded by the Holy Spirit of God, who inspired both the Reformation and the Restoration of all things that were lost in those Dark Ages. The light of the good news (the gospel) had almost gone out in Medieval times, but today the light is growing stronger and stronger and more and more darkness is being overpowered by the light of the Spirit of Restoration.

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