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Dawn Hyperdrive and the Terrestrial Watches of Terror

275 pages4 hours


Despite Mrs. Spears's warning, Kevin's dad has gone to work for creepy Chuff Jumbley, a local televangelist who runs a global network of orphanages. But when Jumbley starts mounting pressure on the family (starting with Paul and Jenna) Erin, Mikayla, and Kevin run. Erin and Mikayla head for Rexette, which is still in the middle of a dangerous civil war, and they bring Bianca, whose sister Blanche is seriously wounded. Kevin returns to the UPA starship Hero, where Dawn Hyperdrive plans to take the academy students on a combination field trip / spy camouflage. Will Jenna and Paul manage to escape the clutches of Chuff Jumbley? Will Erin and Mikayla survive the war raging around them? Will Blanche heal from her wound and finally agree to marry Percy Dashing? And is Kevin as safe around Dawn Hyperdrive as everyone thinks? Find out in this third exciting installment of the Dawn Hyperdrive series!

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