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A Journey In to Divine Love

188 pages3 hours


In this book, Michelle takes you on a journey to find that Divine Love that we are all searching for. She guides you to the magic of spiritual enlightenment with a little help from the Angels. Begin to heal your life with five powerful meditations: The Meditation to Open Your Heart, The Flower of Life Meditation, Meditation to Balance the Elements, Meditation to Increase You Faith, Meditation In to Divine Love.

I always tell people that this book will help to elevate your vibrations, open your heart and get you prepared to begin a Journey of your own into the Divine, to help you begin to let go and allow real Love to begin to flow into your life.

Before I began writing this book, I began speaking with Archangel Michael about my purpose and place in this world. I wanted to know why my entire life had been so difficult and trying, why others treated me as if I was a
doormat. I received my answers and not all of the answers were exactly what I wanted to hear. In fact, many of those answers, I fought against for some time, until I was simply too exhausted to fight any longer.
I was led to many enlightening revelations about my own life, my and our purpose in this Universe, in this life. Information started pouring in and I felt that the only way for me to fully process it all was to meditate and
write about it. I simply had to share this story with the world.

There are many out there who have questioned the same questions that I have, who have went through similar experiences and are searching for a purpose to it all. This book contains the exact information and
steps that brought me out of the abyss and toward the light. But it's not the whole story! This is only the beginning!

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